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Fully qualified Perth Property Inspectors. Specialists in building Inspections, Timber pest Inspections, and Methamphetamine Inspections.

Here at Perth Property Inspectors, we specialize in Pre-purchase Building and house inspections, timber pest inspections, and meth inspections. Conducting a pre-purchase inspection early in the proceedings is crucial to determine the condition of your proposed purchase. Perth Property Inspectors provide you with a detailed comprehensive report within 24 hours of inspection, allowing you to proceed with your investment with full disclosure, to decline the property, renegotiate or advance to purchase.


Convenience at your fingertips with fast action and response time. We cater to all of Perth Metro and Rural. 7 Days a week. We also have a 24/7 phone service. Our qualified Inspectors can arrange a time that suits your needs, whether it would be to meet with your vendor, outside of your working hours, or at short notice.


Perth Property Inspectors founder, Ross Maher, Is a registered builder with over 45 years experience in the building industry. Ross has an extensive resume inclusive of supervising such projects as Christmas Island Casino, Wiluna hotel refurbishment, Windsor Hotel renovations, Carnarvon Power Station amenity buildings, various housing projects in W.A's northwest, various schools, plus has built and renovated a few of his own homes and properties.

Visual Reports

Reports are provided digitally and same day for your convenience. We utilize a system that makes reading them both simple, and detailed inclusive of photos. This makes the process easy for quotation if outside contractors are required.


Perth Property Inspectors

    - Fully qualified
    - Specialist in Building Inspections
    - Termite Inspections
    - Methamphetamine Inspections

Why is meth testing becoming so important?

The number of contaminated houses, particularly in W.A. are rapidly increasing. Sadly residence of Western Australia are at the biggest risk in the country, as we have the highest meth use, with more than 10% of homes affected, and 53% of those homes resulting in high levels of contamination. As meth contamination is invisible and odorless, the only sure way to know if you are living in, selling or renting out a meth affected property, is to undergo professional testing.

Perth Property Building Inspection

When it comes to trusting a company with your investment, Perth Property Inspectors have your back. We understand with such a large financial commitment, you only expect the best. When you choose Perth Property Inspectors, Investing In Your Investment is not only a wise choice but also a practical one. We are available 7 days and also accommodate to your schedule. We can provide a service to meet with either your vendor, unaccompanied while you are at your place of employment, and of course while you are present at a time the is convenient for you. We pride ourselves on being conscious of customers’ timeframe and will ensure that you will have your inspections carried out, and reports completed at your earliest convenience.

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