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At Perth Property Inspectors we are passionate about making your home or office as safe and
liveable as possible. It is our aim to eliminate any potential risk to your health and safety. Director Ross Maher holds a wealth of knowledge in the building Industry having spent over 40 years as a builder himself. Ross's goal behind his business is to make buyers aware of any risks that they may be exposed to before they make a purchase on a home or building. He has a very keen eye and is extremely thorough. Your investment is in good hands with Perth property inspectors.

Building + Pest Inspection

A building inspection is a must do before buying a home.
It is often required by the lender.Perth Property Inspectors offer peace of mind for your investment and health, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Within 24 hours of inspection, we provide a comprehensive, easy to understand report with extensive photos that meet Australia Reporting Standards.
PPI use T3i Technology by Termatrac, we can accurately locate and track termites in your premises and damp areas.

Meth Inspection

Why are Meth Inspections becoming so important?
The number of contaminated houses, particularly in W.A. are rapidly increasing. Sadly residence of Western Australia are at the biggest risk in the country, as we have the highest meth use, with more than 10% of homes affected, and 53% of those homes resulting in high levels of contamination.
As meth contamination is invisible and odourless, the only sure way to know if you are living in, selling or renting out a meth affected property, is to undergo a professional testing. 90% of contamination in homes is caused by smokers rather than labs. As meth contamination is invisible and odourless, sampling should only be undertake by a qualified technician.
It is a Wise Investment and Recommended!

Our Advisors

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