There is an Australian Standard for pre-purchase inspections and should be carried out by a qualified and experienced builder. Ask for qualifications such as a builder's ticket number.
Perth Property Inspectors founder, Ross Maher, Is a registered builder with over 45 years experience in the building industry. Ross has an extensive resume inclusive of supervising such projects as Christmas Island Casino, Wiluna hotel refurbishment, Windsor Hotel renovations, Carnarvon Power Station amenity buildings, various housing projects in W.A's north west, schools, plus has built and renovated a few of his own homes and properties.
Yes, this is an important part of the inspection. The roof is usually 30% of the house.

Yes, this is an important part of the report. A photo is worth a thousand words and is also your evidence and information if you are to seek out repairs through a specialized contractor.
usually within 5 days. Perth Property inspectors can provide services on demand, depending on your convenient times.
Termites (white ants) are one of the most destructive pests for a house. Termites spread at an alarming rate often without detection. A pre-purchase inspection is a must.
Your technician will first visually examine the external of the property for signs of termite infestation. They will check for signs of termites near the home's foundations, such as nests or termite mud tubes. Perth Property Inspector uses the leading brand Termatrac T3i to check for activity in the walls and cavities of the houses. This is a non-invasive process that uses thermal imagery, radar, and moisture detection. The T3i is so accurate it can spot even one lone termite, and takes the guesswork out of inspecting. A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a home.
Termite damage may be physically located by probing wood with a screwdriver so samples can be taken. No visual damage to your property will be caused. We have the words leading device, the Termatrac T3i, which can detect termites easily with radar, thermal imaging and moisture detection, making the process non-invasive. Inspectors should be concerned with the external and internal surface of the foundation, particularly construction where timber is on or near the soil.

The short answer is No. To use a Termatrac product, a professional needs to be trained and certified.
Ideally you should plan to have your home inspected once a year.
Unfortunately, termites often go undetected by the naked eye. Signs you can look out for are mud tubes, evidence of eating, possible infestation in non treated areas such as trees outside and stacked timber.
Methamphetamine is also known as Meth or Ice and is a very addictive drug. Meth is usually smoked but can also be dissolved in liquid and injected or snorted. People can be addicted to meth which affects the central nervous system from the first time they try it.

Meth is fairly easy to make and can be manufactured from common household items almost anywhere, including suburban homes.

If the house has been used as a meth lab then the levels of contamination are likely to be higher than in a property that has just been used by people who smoke the drug. If the manufacture has been on a large scale, contamination maybe even higher.
Without proper testing, it’s hard to prove if there has been meth use or meth lab in your property.

The only way to know for definite if you have a meth contaminated home is to get professional meth house testing undertaken. This will give you a definitive answer and allow you to plan your next steps if necessary.

Signs that the house may have been a meth lab include:

chemical smells or smell of cat urine
stains on the walls or floors or evidence that these have recently been cleaned to a higher level than you might reasonably expect someone leaving a property to do.
windows that look like that may have been blacked out
rubbish around the premises, especially chemical packaging or glass containers

This depends on the level of contamination, there are three common removal methods:

Foaming/Fogging Method
This method uses a two-part solution that lifts drug residue from porous and non-porous surfaces. It begins with the application of the specialty solution, followed by thorough rinsing and vacuuming.

Internal Strip Out
This means removing fixtures and all building materials which have been contaminated, including all household appliances.

Demolition Method
If the level of contamination is beyond Foaming or Internal Strip Out, the property will need to be demolished to remove all traces of residue. Where possible, we will work with you to ensure this is the very last resort.

Yes, we understand that there are sensitivities needed when it comes to your home, business or worksite. We attend all jobs in a plain-clothed uniform and will conduct our work in a discrete and confidential manner.