• A building inspection is a must do before buying a home
  • Is often required by lender
PPI offer peace of mind for your investment and health, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Within 24 hours of inspection, we provide a comprehensive, easy to understand report with extensive photos that meet Australia Reporting Standards.

Building + Termite Inspection

3x2 Home Single Storey
PPI use T31 Technology by Tremtracc, we are able to accurately locate and track termites in your premises and damp areas

$ 500


Why are Meth Inspections becoming so important? Approx. 10% of homes in WA are affected by meth and this number is growing, particularly in WA. Contamination can cause severe sickness, particularly in pregnant women and children. Common symptoms include itchy eyes and nausea. 90% of contamination in homes is caused by smokers rather than labs. As meth contamination is invisible and odorless, sampling should only be undertake by a qualified technician.

Meth Inspection (3 samples)

Wise Investment

$ 250

$50 for each additional samples

PPI Inspection Package

Building + Termite Inspection (3x2 S/Storey) + Meth Inspection (3 samples)

$ 700

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