Many Australians are now becoming aware of the meth crisis in Australia. We have the highest number of users per capita, of all the English speaking countries, and is rising rapidly. It is potent central nervous system and mostly uses for recreaction drugs. Methamphetamine has scientific formul C10H15N and it is very important for home inspection. Contamination can be caused by labs, though is most likely due to smokers. Users who smoke regularly, can produce a contamination reading as high as labs.

Because contamination is odorless and invisible, it is scary just not knowing if a home is safe for inhabitants. There are many factors and risks to consider. For example, If you are renting out properties to tenants, it is important to consider the health of the families moving into the rental home. This also applies if you are the tenant renting the property.

Australia considers a reading above 0.5 micro-grams to an 100cm
square space unacceptable. Any reading above this number must be
re-mediated. Sometimes your insurance does not cover the cost to do
so, and in many cases the compensation falls short of the actual cost
to treat the property. There highest contamination bill we have heard
of has come to $60,000. The decontamination process often
includes, but not limited to replacing curtains and carpets, wall
linings, air conditioners, repainting, and installation. Early detection
can reduce the extent of damage caused.




Of course the most worrisome risks are those to you and your
families health. It’s important to know how contamination can affect
you and what symptoms to look out for. The highest at risk are young
children, pregnant women, and people who suffer respiratory
difficulties. Symptoms include:-


-Eye and skin irritation


-Respiratory problems, especially for those suffering from asthma

-Sleep pattern changes in children


-Behavioral problems in young children

-Increased susceptibility to illness

There have been reports of Perth properties reading at 13,000 times the safe levels. There is legislation in action making it mandatory for properties to be tested periodically. The suburbs with the highest results for contamination are Rockingham, Armadale and Mandurah. Here we would like to provide a link for more information on the contamination stats in Perth

Our Methamphetamine Inspections and what is included 

Instant result sampling

When Perth Property Inspectors swab your property, we test each
sample individually and instantly onsite. Most companies combine
the swabs and test as one, which means you can not tell where in the
home is contaminated. This method makes it more affordable for
testing. Rest assured that our prices are very competitive, and we
will give you the results for each individual test, making it more
accurate to see where the home needs decontamination work

We test each room of your choice or suggestion. The swabs taken is from a 100cm square area. The best place in a room to test is where airflow is most common for example, near a window, fan or vent.

We carry out on the spot results from instant result sampling. This will provide the client with a simple negative or positive reading for each individual room.

Upon a positive reading, you may choose to proceed to a discrete sample, which means that further testing will be done by our offsite lab technician (at a further cost). This provides you with an accurate reading of the level of contamination. Anything above 0.5 per 100 square cms is considered dangerous.

A written digital report and photos will be provided.

Methamphetamine Inspections Service Cost

Building Inspection Perth Service Booking

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